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SHAFAF – The Modern and Safe Gas Cylinder

SHAFAF, the modern and safe gas cylinder from WOQOD. Your safety is important to us.

“SHAFAF” cylinders are the state of art modern high-tech LPG filling cylinders. WOQOD is the regional pioneer in adopting these cylinders for the filling and distribution of domestic gas in Qatar.

SHAFAF cylinders are made from a fiberglass and plastic composite. Each empty cylinder weighs only 5 kg, that is half the weight of regular steel cylinders; thus these cylinders are easy to carry and use.

SHAFAF cylinder is designed with high levels of safety and security in comparison to the previous generation, where these new cylinders are fire proof and do not explode, even in the case of fire. Additionally, these cylinders enable the user/consumer from monitoring the remaining gas levels so he/she can replace it promptly.

SHAFAF cylinders are available for consumers in two refill sizes, 12 kg and 6 kg, to fit the various domestic household needs, or to be used outdoors during trips and camping.

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